As a specialty home delivery pharmacy, IWP delivers prescriptions to your patients and works with the insurance carriers to collect payment so you can focus on your practice.

How We Help Physicians

As a national specialized home delivery pharmacy, IWP delivers prescriptions directly to your patients' door. Our simple, hassle-free process is designed to give your patients the highest quality care with little to no out-of-pocket expense. By working directly with your patients' insurance carrier and attorney, we ensure prescription and payment needs are handled before their injury claim is settled, allowing your patients to focus on what matters most – getting better

IWP understands that treating injured individuals can bring with it complex claims and challenging circumstances. Additional paperwork, phone calls and follow up can often prevent you from focusing on your patients. Our goal at IWP is to return our patients to a productive life by providing the highest in patient prescription care, but by also supporting your practice. At IWP, we reduce the amount of time spent on administrative hassles and provide years of expertise in dealing with the complexities of injury claims

Workers’ Compensation

How We Can Help

As an independent patient advocate, IWP is here to make sure you and your patients receive the highest quality care available. When you work with IWP, your patients will not pay any out-of-pocket expenses for approved Workers’ Compensation claims. We understand the importance of staying with a consistent treatment plan, which is why our Continuity of Care Program promotes continued office visits and uninterrupted pain management protocols – even during litigation.

How to Refer Your Workers’ Compensation Patients

Through our specialized PCM™ services, we offer prescription safeguard via our unique QA process, catastrophic case management, detailed electronic reporting and work as your exclusive pharmacy partner for your patient’s home delivery prescription needs.

Auto Injury

How We Can Help

IWP works to ensure patients injured in auto accidents get the medications and quality of care they need while their claims are being processed. We ship your patients’ medications directly to their door, and work with attorneys and insurance companies to ensure that your patients’ needs are met, IWP helps eliminate time-consuming calls and paperwork from your office, allowing you to focus your time and energy on your patients and your practice.

Treatment Triangle℠

How We Can Help

IWP operates at the center of patient care. As part of the Treatment Triangle℠, we partner with healthcare providers to coordinate exceptional prescription treatment for your patients. Our experience with workers' compensation injuries and complex claims has allowed us to shift the focus from simply managing prescription benefits to working as an advocate for our patients and their providers.

To learn more about IWP as part of the Treatment Triangle℠, click here.


Frequently Ask Questions

Why are there so many additional steps for sending Schedule II drugs to IWP?

We follow the same guidelines as all other pharmacies for dispensing Schedule II narcotics. Patient safety is our top priority; therefore we follow all federal regulations for dispensing Schedule II narcotics. Back to Top

I don’t want my patients to wait an extra day for their Schedule II medication; do you have a way to speed up the process?

We follow the same guidelines as all other pharmacies for dispensing Schedule II narcotics. Patient safety is our top priority; therefore we follow all federal regulations for dispensing Schedule II narcotics. Back to Top

Can my patient use IWP if their insurance carrier directed them to a different pharmacy?

Often times patients’ prescriptions, especially for narcotics, don’t get filled immediately at a local pharmacy. The local pharmacy needs authorization and many times may not have the drug in stock. We have access to the medication and can send it directly to your patient via UPS overnight delivery. Back to Top

Logistically speaking, why would a patient not want to go to their local pharmacy?

This depends on your state’s regulations. In most states, your patients have the right to choose their pharmacy. However, some states allow insurance carriers to direct your patients to certain pharmacies. Be sure you know the rules of your state in this regard. Back to Top

Won’t it take up my staff’s time to send in prescriptions to IWP?

Often times a patient’s injury can make moving around painful or difficult. Getting to pharmacy can be further complicated if they do not have access to transportation. As long as they have a physical address, UPS can deliver medications directly to your patient’s home. Back to Top

Won’t my patients get their medications faster from their local pharmacy?

Once your patients have enrolled with IWP they will receive their medication consistently each month, when it is due. They will not have to go through the pre-authorization process each month[1]. Our goal is to maintain continuity of care for your patient so that he or she can return to healthy and productive life as quickly as possible. Back to Top

My patients are happy at their local pharmacy, why would they use IWP?

IWP values patient choice. If your patient is happy with his or her current pharmacy and does not want to switch, then we will respect that decision. However, we encourage patients to be aware of all options so that they can make an informed decision. Your patients may not be aware of IWP and the benefits that ensue once on service. Back to Top

My patients aren’t having Workers’ Compensation issues, why use IWP?

Even if your patients aren’t having problems now with their local pharmacy, there’s a good chance that an issue can arise down the line that may cause a disruption in their prescription care. However, if enrolled in the IWP program they will be able to benefit from continuous care while we deal with any issues by working directly with the insurance carrier. Use IWP to prevent headaches for you and your patients; the best headache is the one you never get. Back to Top

[1] Subject to state’s Workers’ Compensation pre-authorization requirements.
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What Physicians Are Saying

“IWP has greatly simplified treatment of my Workers’ Compensation patients. I know my patients are getting their prescriptions filled and delivered to their homes. This has really improved quality of care and patient outcomes. All practitioners should have access to this useful service.”

Teresa Stadler, M.D.
Commonwealth Sports Medicine Glen Allen, VA

“We have a high volume medical practice, with about 50% being Workers’ Compensation patients. IWP has been a main supporter in supplying our patients’ medications and in helping with case disputes. Whether it is emergency medication needs, or long term medication management, IWP has been the instigator in keeping our cases moving and maintaining patient care. We could not provide the overall treatment to our patients without their instrumental help.”

Shawna Carroll
Patient’s Choice Workers’ Compensation Case Manager Dallas, TX