Turn administrative overhead into revenue-generating activity by letting IWP handle your clients' prescription issues.

How We Help Attorneys

IWP is a national home delivery pharmacy specialized in filling prescriptions for injured workers. We ship your client’s medications to their door with little to no cost to them, and work directly with insurance companies to collect payment. Since we’re not affiliated with any insurance or managed care companies, we are independent advocates for your clients. That is why IWP is THE Patient Advocate Pharmacy and one of the industry’s best Workers’ Compensation pharmacies.

By providing the highest-quality service to your clients with challenging claims, IWP allows you to keep your focus where it belongs – your practice. We are experts in dealing with the complexities of Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury claims, and provide prescription delivery even through litigation via the industry’s only Continuity of Care Program. For you, that means fewer calls from distressed patients, fewer interactions with the insurance carrier, and a lot less paperwork. In short, working with IWP will mean fewer headaches for your firm.

Workers’ Compensation

How We Can Help

As an independent patient advocate, IWP is here to make sure you and your clients receive the highest quality care available. When you work with IWP, your clients will not pay any out-of-pocket expenses for approved Workers’ Compensation claims. We understand the importance of staying with a consistent treatment plan, which is why our Continuity of Care Program promotes continued office visits and uninterrupted pain management protocols – even during litigation.

How to Refer Your Workers’ Compensation Clients

Auto Injury

How We Can Help

IWP works to ensure patients injured in auto accidents get the medications and quality of care they need while their claims are being processed. By working with attorneys and insurance companies directly to ensure that your patients’ needs are met, IWP helps eliminate time-consuming calls and paperwork from your office, allowing you to focus your time and energy on your patients and your practice.

Frequently Ask Questions

Why would I use IWP when most of my clients don’t have problems getting their medications?

Even if your clients aren’t having problems now with their local pharmacy, there’s a good chance that an issue can arise down the line that may cause a disruption in their prescription care. However, if enrolled in the IWP program they will be able to benefit from continuous care while we deal with any issues by working directly with the insurance carrier. Back to Top

Am I responsible for the postage fees to send in my clients’ prescriptions?

No, IWP provides postage paid mailers and postage paid overnight envelopes. Back to Top

Can you help with Personal Injury?

Yes, through our relationship with our funding partners, we are now able to offer a possible pharmacy solution for PI claimants. Please contact IWP to learn more. Back to Top

Can you assist with denied/disputed claims?

Yes, thanks to the industry’s only Continuity of Care program, IWP will provide your client with his/her medication throughout litigation. To find out more about our Continuity of Care program, click here. Back to Top

Can I send you just my “problem” cases?

IWP’s program works better for both you and your clients if you send all of your cases to IWP. We will seamlessly integrate with your office. Why make it more confusing for yourself by sending some clients to IWP and some to other pharmacies? Back to Top

What’s the difference between IWP and local pharmacies?

IWP provides personal, continuous service for both you and your clients. We are “the patient advocate pharmacy.” You can be sure that IWP will deliver the best service to your clients, and you will have fewer headaches throughout the process Back to Top

What if my clients are happy with their local pharmacy?

Choice is a key component of the IWP model. We are asking for a recommendation from you and the opportunity to present our service to your client. They have the ultimate choice. Back to Top

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What Attorneys Are Saying

“IWP has taken away virtually all prescription-related headaches for my clients, and has eliminated all the calls my office would receive concerning clients’ prescriptions. IWP allows our clients to receive their medications quickly and efficiently so they can continue their lives without debilitating pain. If you are not using IWP, you and your clients are missing out on a great service.”

Ched Jennings
Louisville, KY

"Why would I want to expend the time, money and resources to track down all of the pharmacies that my client may have had medications filled by when I can just make one phone call to IWP and have the information faxed or e-mailed to me immediately?"

Attorney Joe Rooth